Directions from Ancona

Ancona, Falconara-Raffaello Airport is on the Adriatic coast.  The main north- south toll road along the coast is the A14 motorway; this is the one you should take. It will cost euro 5 to get from the airport to the house.

To find your way to the motorway, follow the green A14 signs for Bologna and Bari and, as soon as you have the choice, follow Bari and Pescara (not Bologna) signs to the toll barrier. You then head south on A14 towards Pescara for approximately 45 minutes.

The above should be enough to get you on the right road, but here are the detailed directions:

The car rental car park is located next to the arrivals terminal.  The exit is at the far end and the barrier will open as you approach.

Falconara Airport Directions

From the airport, turn right towards via Fossatello (you can’t turn left).  The road bends left under the bridge and, at the first round about; you need to turn right on to via del Consorzio.

At the second roundabout filter right strada Provinciale di Castelferretti and then move to the left hand filter.  At the next junction turn left Via Grancetta.

Follow this road for a short distance (do not filter right) until the next roundabout, which leads directly to the tollbooth, Ancona Nord, on your right.

Once through the toll barrier, filter left and make sure that you follow the sign for Bari/Pescara heading south, not Bologna which is north.

You now head south on the A14 motorway for 75Km, approx. 45 mins, until the Pedaso exit.

Pedaso ExitAt the Pedaso exit, you filter right and under the motorway towards the tollbooth.

At the tollbooth, head straight (over the bridge) and follow the signs for SS16 north, towards Porto San Giorgio, Via Del Molino.

At the raffic lights, you need to filter into the left hand lane and then turn left, towards Monterubbiano, Montalto and Amandola,  strada Provinciale 85. (it isn’t well signposted, but there is a café/bar on the right hand corner as you turn left).

You are now on the final stretch. Follow this road for approx. 11Km until you reach the village of Rubbianello.




As you enter the small village, you join a road coming from the left and bear to the right/ straight on.

Directions Casa



Towards the edge of the village, you will see on your right a small run of shops, set back from the road. A fish shop, a pizza restaurant etc. Soon after this, turn right on to strada XXV Aprile.

The road bends round to the left then to the right, past some olive trees.

Screen Shot 2013-03-16 at 10.20.51You will see a haystack (may or may not be covered as in this photo) and a turning to the right along a rough track.

This is the road to the house.  It climbs a fairly steep hill and passes the neighbour’s house (a white house on the right). Don’t be alarmed if the dogs chase your car!

Keep going right to the end of the road and you will reach the house.

If you would like to download a pdf of these instructions:

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